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Ruiz  Hostels is located in the heart of Panama City in the safest neighborhood which is also full of life day and night! While staying with us you will not only experience a great night of sleep in our chic and cultural hostel but you will also have our tour operator ready to take you for adventure and to visit interesting and beautiful sites. We are at your service and our mission is to always go beyond what is expected for you to have the best travel experience during your stay in Panama. Thank you for visiting our web page and hope to see you soon in Ruiz Hostels.

Ruiz hostel idea and creation started in 2013 when Panamanian Manolo Ruiz and his wife Maritza Oda owners and founders decided to open a budget place to stay but yet with the best services in Panama. Also owners of one of the top tour operators in Panama called RAINFOREST TOURS S.A., which started and officially registered in the AUTHORITY OF TOURISM OF PANAMA in 1999, they are taking tourist from around the world to the greatest adventures in Panama jungles, relaxing at the beach and coolest parties. Maritza worked in big brand hotels for more then 10 years and Manolo as flight attendant for Copa airlines the national airlines of Panama. For 8 years he visited every country in America and some of Europe making them experts in the travel business and knowing what people want when they visit other countries.

Ruiz hostel was design to provide the best quality budget lodging and tours through connection services for the guests and to become an information hub in order to have the best traveling experience in Panama. With a great bilingual staff always willing to go beyond expectations, this helpful team knows where to have real fun in Panama, info about where you can find adventure, how to get there, costs, schedules, our important contact partners in other provinces to make things easier and much more.

We clean every day because we know that it is top priority, serious stuff for everyone and nothing beats a place that you can arrive, stay, sleep, eat, smell, feel and, be clean! Serious stuff here! And about sleeping we know as travelers that after a long day out a comfortable bed makes the difference a all lot and for this reason we provide semi orthopedic beds and pillows that will embrace you! Also the beds have curtains if you don’t like the early morning light but each bunk bed has an on/off light and electric plug for your electronic devices.

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Ruiz hostel is located in the most secure downtown neighborhood so you are safe at all times and Panama City has the lowest crime rate in central America. Inside the hostel we provide free wifi and lockers for everyone in the dorms, free locks with a $5 deposit which we give back unless you lose it, then we keep the deposit, or you can put your own lock or you can buy a $5 lock at the reception. We also provide a bracelet required for all guest which is to confirm you are staying at Ruiz Hostels, and this is because we have a really cool little bar where you can have social time with Panamanians and other guests but the hostel lodging is only for guests, so we control who gets in the rooms areas.

In our cool bar we serve “CCPB”: cold cold Panamanian beer, international ones too, Panamanian rum and drinks so you can relax in our tropical heat with music that will make you have new friends and start the night. Usually we close the bar around midnight in order to let the people rest and sleep but we do tell you the best spots for you to go to party and if you want we can arrange transportation to drive you there and pick you up. No curfew here, you can come back at any time. IMPORTANT: if we see that you are getting drunk then we won’t sell you any more alcohol drinks and we don’t allow any type of drugs in the hostel.

In our volunteer program we invite you to join us going to elementary schools and inform the new generation of Panamanian why and how recycle. This is not yet in the culture of Panamanian, but we truly believe in Ruiz Hostels that kids are the ones who will change this situation into a positive practice, and we can teach them why and how through motivation encouragement one hour per week. For more details on how to participate in this program contact us to schedule a visit with us to a school or to be in our recycle events for the community.